Since the times of Dark time of rest and Profound Purple, hard rock and metal have fragmented in endless limit pushing ways and the development remembers the ways for which they use gear. Here we've gathered features from our Apparatus Overviews with a portion of the present most intriguing purveyors of outrageous music from the shirtless detailed trials of High.

Ablaze's Matt Pike to the squashing prog-rock virtuosity of Steven Wilson and Guthrie Govan. Subsequent to sparking your interest with the photographs, subtleties, and recordings, make certain to visit here to make a plunge and watch more Apparatus Summary clasps.

1: High on Fire's Matt Pike

High on Fire's Matt Pike

As found in one of our earliest Apparatus Once-over cuts, Matt Pike keeps things idiotic straightforward as in not being tried to wear a shirt in front of an audience ever. His arrangement comprises of a custom 9-string First Demonstration solidbody that is planned after Santana's Yamaha SG-style guitar and is 1" thicker than a Les Paul. During High Ablaze shows, the 9-string is set in what Pike coins as "man tuning" or C-F-A#-D#-D# G C.

He runs that monster through a Soldano SLO and Marshall Kerry Ruler 2203KFK JCM800. The Soldano is the fundamental amp behind his live solid, yet for the band's aggro-sludgy parts or Pike's performances, he adds the Marshall for additional soil and volume. The two amps power three or four  contingent upon the setting's size Head 4x12 taxis.

2: Mastodon's Brent Hinds & Bill Kelliher

Mastodon's Brent Hinds & Bill Kelliher

During the band's visit supporting the widely praised Break the Skye, Brent Hinds primarily utilized his custom acrylic Flying V-style hatchet worked by Kevin Burkett of Electrical Guitar Organization. For calmer and ethereal entries in melodies like "The Phantom of Karelia," he would frequently utilize his Most memorable Demonstration Custom Shop Lola 12-string on the grounds that the multiplied octave strings "make a ringing, atonal ensemble not matched by a pedal.

His two-amp rig incorporated a '76 silverface Bumper Twin Reverb that likewise controlled a 2x15 expansion taxi and a '76 Marshall JMP MKII Lead Series through two Marshall 4x12s. His step station had a Beast Impacts Mastortion used to drive his amps to the edge of obliteration a Roland RE-20 Space Reverberation, an Ibanez Cylinder Screamer TS9, a Supervisor DD-6 Computerized Deferral, a Manager GE-7 Balancer, a Morpheus DropTune, and a Manager TU-2 Tuner.

3: Bill Kelliher's Gear

The more seasoned the better particularly with Les Pauls and Travelers," sneers Kelliher in this Apparatus Once-over cut. During Mastodon's 2009 U.S. run, he utilized a pack of '70s and mid '80s LPs and Wayfarers, what's more, he wrestled with a silverburst First Demonstration Custom Shop 9-string for "Phantom of Karelia.

Bill Kelliher's Gear

For his two-amp setup, Kelliher went with a '80s Marshall JCM800 and a Marshall Kerry Lord 2203KFK JCM800, the last option of which has KT88 tubes that wrench out "a chunkier, fatter, heavier sound than the standard JCM800." The heads impact through two Plants Acoustics 4x12s stacked with Celestion One of a kind 30s and a Marshall 4x12 furnished with 75-watt Celestions.

4: Steven Wilson & Guthrie Govan


Govan's principal hatchet is a model Charvel with a basswood body and a maple top. It's furnished with pickups made by Michael Blunt Braun. The neck is made of broiled birdseye maple with a couple of graphite support poles that make it "humorously steady.

Steven Wilson & Guthrie Govan

For the Steven Wilson show, Govan likewise brings along a Bumper Select Jazzmaster HH (the lash flaunting his unique McDonalds informal ID), and a Vigier Excalibur fretless guitar. The Vigier is utilized on "Insurgentes" to impersonate a bass koto.

Steven Wilson's fundamental guitar is a PRS single cut in standard tuning. He likewise has a Custom 24 tuned to Drop-D. On the acoustic side of things he involves a Babicz tuned to standard and an Applause in "Nashville" tuning.


Typically Govan seriously loves EL34-fueled amps, however for his gigs with Wilson he has been utilizing a 6L6-enhanced Triumph Howler. Planned by Martin Kidd, previously of Cornford, the Howler is a model 100-watt head that is shut down to 50-watts.

Wilson connects to a Terrible Feline Lynx 50 head with matching taxi. One significant component for Wilson is that the two channels are all the while dynamic, meaning he can mix in each channel through his TC Electronic G-Framework.

5: Russian Circles' Mike Sullivan & Brian Cook

Guitarist Mike Sullivan loves Gibson guitars, and floats towards the thick and strong humbucking tone that a Les Paul Custom offers of real value. There's only something about a the midnight fretboard and mahogany body of a Les Paul Custom that simply benefits from each note, support wise with clearness," makes sense of Sullivan.

Russian Circles' Mike Sullivan & Brian Cook

His two principal tomahawks are a couple of Gibson 1957 Les Paul Custom reissues in dark and wine red completions, and every one is stacked with a Gibson Messy Fingers pickup in the extension, and a Gibson 498T scaffold pickup in the neck for added high pitch reaction. Sullivan additionally polished their completions to give them a silk like feel, which makes them more agreeable to play as well as diminishing glare.

He likewise as of late obtained a Maestro-prepared Gibson Custom Shop '67 Flying V reissue, which is utilized sparingly on the new collection. Sullivan's new love is a Fano RB6 that he as of late gotten from the store guitar creator's custom shop.

It boils down to the lucidity thing," Sullivan says. "You hit a harmony and you hear each note. The Lollar P-90's in the neck and scaffold simply sound mind blowing, and have an unadulterated natural tone. Nothing remains to be taken cover behind." notwithstanding its Jason Lollar P-90 pickups,

Sullivan's RB6 uses a Gibson-like 24 3/4" scale neck with a stout C-shape. Sullivan's guitars are hung with Senior member Markley custom-measure .012-.056 strings (he periodically utilizes a .058 for the most minimal string), and are tuned low to high to B-F#-C-F-G-B.

6: Meshuggah's Fredrik Thordendal, Marten Hagstrom, & Dick Lovgren

Fredrik Thordendal's principal guitar for this visit is a 8-string Ibanez Custom Shop "Stone Man" 27" scale guitar based on his own plan (imagined, left), integrating components of the Fire fighter, Troublemaker, and Pioneer guitars with Flying V handle position. It has Lundgren M8 extension and neck pickups with a loop split.

Meshuggah's Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, & Dick Lovgren

He likewise utilizes the Japanese variant of his unique Ibanez M8M, which is a 29.4" scale length. He utilizes a froth quiet after the locking nut on his guitars in general. The 8-strings are tuned a half-step down, and he tries different things with string checks to get the vibe that he's searching for.

Marten Hagström's principal guitar is a stock Japanese Ibanez M8M with birch body and Lundgren M8 pickups, likewise tuned a half-step down with a froth quiet, as well as an Ibanez M8M with a bog debris body (imagined, center) for the main portion of the set.

Dick Lövgren's principal bass is nicknamed Satan (imagined, right). It is a custom Warwick Dolphin Star I 5-string with Bartolini pickups, a topsy turvy cross trim, and is tuned Stomach muscle, Eb, Bb, F, Bb. He likewise utilizes a Warwick Dolphin Star II 5-string, and a stock 4-string Warwick Stryker with dark equipment tuned down 1.5 strides for "Drain.

Amps and Impacts

Every one of the three players use Shure ULXD1 remote units that come into a solitary recipient. Every one of the three use Fractal Sound Hatchet FX Ultras for their amps and impacts, customized with rhythm for every tune. The units are constrained by a PC with Cubase, which consequently pushes through the patches all through the show.