Sons Of The Forest. Credit: Endnight Games

In a polity Q&A answered bySons of the Forestdevelopers Endnight Games, the developer of the survival success story has hinted at a few plans for the game’s path to 1.0 release.

Endnight is keeping most of their cards tropical to their chest, but a lot of the details are focused on plans for companions Kelvin and Virginia. You can see the unshortened Q&A, with questions harvested from the game’s Discord and Reddit communities, in the unelevated video (via PC Gamer.)

“We have big plans to alimony subtracting tasks Kelvin can complete, some ideas in progress are having him help construct a wall virtually your base, or fortify/repair the wiring when needed. For Virginia, we plan to add increasingly to her A.I. particularly giving her increasingly bravery if she has a weapon, and moreover depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed,” said Endnight in a Q&A response well-nigh the game’s companions.

The team has moreover confirmed that work is underway on defended servers, and is something they are “working on in the preliminaries but we don’t have an word-for-word stage yet.” Fans can moreover expect an spare enemy that wasn’t ready in time for the Early Access launch, increasingly varied omnivorous camps, and a host increasingly items to craft, one of which could include the log sled from prequel The Forest.

“This is one of the really tomfool things well-nigh Early Access,” said Endnight Games. “Internally we didn’t realize how much people really liked the log sled, and due to the value of bugs it had in the first game we were not sure if it was worth putting when in or not, but in the last week since release it’s wilt well-spoken that it’s something players miss.”

In otherSons of the Forestnews, some players have found a way to clone their companions with a little notepad magic.

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