Whether your youngster was charmed by Jimi Hendrix's Stratocaster or excited by Sister Rosetta Tharpe's SG, almost certainly, the electric guitar's control over their waking minutes hasn't stopped.

The main solution? More guitar. Fortunately for you, Sweetwater conveys an immense scope of exemplary electric guitars and recently planned tomahawks that will offer their fretboards to your kid immediately. Peruse on, and you'll find the new sonic sidekick that will offer melodic illumination and enhancement to your kid's life!

Find the Best Electric Guitars for Kids 2024

1: Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar

Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar

As youngsters, large numbers of us are attracted to the Strat, because of the lively fingers of people, for example, David Gilmour or Jimi Hendrix and, surprisingly, contemporary players like Tash Sultana. In the event that rockin' guitar sounds reverberate with your kid, you can't turn out badly with a Squier Smaller than normal Strat.

This short-scale guitar effectively fits in more modest hands and sits easily against the body, on account of its super smooth forms and cutaways. Three single-loop pickups bring those magnificent exemplary stone tones while likewise giving an apparent space that covers the domains of numerous contemporary players.

2: Squier Mini Jazzmaster HH Electric Guitar

Squier Mini Jazzmaster HH Electric Guitar

Frequently preferred by contemporary non mainstream, elective stone, and, surprisingly, pop artists, the Jazzmaster's resurgence continues to go. That is on the grounds that this guitar conveys truly cool tone, and the Squier Small scale Jazzmaster HH even offers a three-way flip switch for its double humbuckers, importance children can promptly explore different avenues regarding coarse snarls and energetic clanks. Its more modest body size makes it an ideal fit for youngsters, and it looks sufficiently cool to shake your socks off.

3: Epiphone SG Special Satin E1 Electric Guitar

Epiphone SG Special Satin E1 Electric Guitar

You've seen and heard it in the possession of Angus Youthful, Pete Townshend, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Jake Kiszka, however presently it is the ideal time to hear it in your kid's hands besides, you don't need to spend a fortune. The Epiphone SG Extraordinary Glossy silk E1's stylish disposition, delivered by a classic completion, finds an opponent in its tone, because of two humbuckers that truly cook.

However it's a full-scale-length guitar, the SG Extraordinary yields an open to playing experience with its smaller body shape and rosewood fretboard. You'll produce some executioner tones with this terrible kid. A note if you have any desire to take it in front of an audience: the SG never neglects to blow some people's minds.

4: Ibanez AZES Electric Guitar

The Ibanez AZES offers passage level players special in front of an audience playability, rad hardware, and phenomenal tone at a value that eases off of the tote strings. Investigate these models for a guitar that carries charging capacities to practically any melodic type, because of nine unique pickup sound blends.

Ibanez AZES Electric Guitar

For an all the way focused on youngster learning and has a destroying future in front of them, the AZES line outfits them with both single-loop and humbucker tones, considering trial and error with the two sorts of pickups an extraordinary prologue to every one of the guitars they'll unquenchably gather down the line.

5: Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Electric Guitar

Youngsters and novices frequently favor Yamaha guitars for a couple of fundamental reasons: tone assortment, great playability, various yet straightforward controls, and to wrap things up an extreme tremolo. The Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica is genuinely a value for-your-money guitar and not due to the humbucker. It likewise sports two single-loops for a work of art and cherished HSS design that beats out tone to shake their amp basically.

Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Electric Guitar

A full-scale fretboard with a C-molded neck fits serenely into hands new to the instrument and may effectively turn into their number one neck shape pushing ahead. Hold on until you see the grin all over with this one!

6: Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Player Pack

You won't be an American Numbskull when you catch this Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Player Pack. Everything begins with a fledgling guitar that punches way over its weight while likewise flaunting some strong hardware and playability. A P-90 pickup, cherished by master guitarists for quite a long time, stars on this Les Paul with heavenly tone.

Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Player Pack

A 15-watt combo amp supplements the guitar with enough volume for relentless sticking and shaking out at throughout the hours. Loaded with a gig sack, an instrument link, a tie, picks, and a tuner, this load furnishes your little child with the essential gear to level up their abilities.

Electric Guitar Starter Packs for Kids

Try not to need to go through the most common way of handpicking each piece of stuff your little guitar virtuoso necessities to get connected and playing? We don't fault you.

Fortunately, Sweetwater has lots of comprehensive starter packs and packages that unite the basics, so your child can shake it from the get-go no exploration expected to find the ideal amp, gig sack, links, or tuners.