Due to the excitement surrounding online teaching, these A few days later and after reading this Guitar Tricks review, I decided to create a detailed one. Guitar Tricks review by me.I've been using the site for years, so I have a lot of them I had experience with their courses and saw how they developed their offerings. Most of the other comments are simply stating the obvious, but I'll share it Stuff here that you won't read anywhere else because I use the site.

Guitar Tricks primarily offers video guitar lessons the cheap subscription costs around $15 per month (for the annual subscription). Subscription), which really isn't much since you're a private guitar teacher In 2023 it will cost between 40 and 50 dollars an hour. In fact, it's fair to say Guitar Tricks is better than a personal tutor.

They offer over 15,000 guitar video lessons dedicated exclusively to guitar content. for all musical genres and all difficulty levels. Imagine what it would be like Was it difficult for you to receive so many lessons from a private guitar teacher 

The Essential Guitar Tips for Experienced Players

The Essential Guitar Tips for Experienced Players

If you've been playing for a few years and no longer have the basics, you can improve your knowledge and skills through a large number of lessons. Covers everything from tones to different genres, etc.

If you are an advanced guitarist and want to get started at the next level, you will really like the Artist Studios section of Guitar tips. This is an important part of the website that focuses on polls and polls find out how the most famous guitarists played and what they do so you can make your songs sound like them.

This is a great article that I came across while studying Guitar Tricks review because even the most advanced players will have years Value of videos.

In the Art Studies section you will learn to play the guitar. Tips and signature styles from famous guitarists like:

  • Django Reinhardt
  • B.B. King
  • AC/DC
  • Kirk Hammet
  • Albert King
  • Chet Atkins
  • And many more.

I noticed that there aren't many advanced courses Guitar Tricks is part of the contest I'll talk about later.

Styles covered in Guitar Tricks

Plus acoustic, blues, country and rock for beginners Guitar Trick offers Core Learning System courses and thousands of videos It also includes other genres. Here is a list of the specific genres you will work in. learn on your website.

Be aware that some genres have many lessons and others simply a bit. For example, at Surf and World there are few courses, but they are the most important. Categories like Blues have hundreds.

If you are an advanced player and want to get started Minor subgenre, this won't be the best choice. I was, for example nowadays focuses heavily on funk, and while Guitar Trick has the basics, there are no advanced lessons on this topic.

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Online Guitar Tools

Guitar also offers online tools:

  • Online guitar tuner: This is a reference tuner for it does not record the sound of your guitar. I would prefer you to use online guitar tuner at TheGuitarLesson.com.
  • Interactive scales and find chords: useful and Sounds good.
  • Metronome: anything useful. Handle training game: Wand trainer will help you Memorize notes on the keyboard in a more fun way.
  • Jam Station: A large collection of jam songs.
  • Chord Library – This handy tool is free to access here.
  • Except jam station, all tools can be downloaded on your PC. Below are some images of the online tools:
  • Guitar Tricks is definitely a high-quality site Courses for guitarists of all levels. The number of school hours they have their site is huge and they add content regularly.

What I really like about Guitar Tricks:

Guitar Tricks

Good search and site structure so I can find it easily discover thousands of educational videos. The video player is good, it has an A-B loopier and the Possibility to slow down (or speed up) the courses.

Convenient prices in relation to the number of courses in Position. Taking so many lessons from a private guitar teacher would be expensive A lot of money, but only $15 a month for Guitar Tricks.

Videos have a three-angle view shot with HD cameras, so never see what happens in high definition. 60-day money back guarantee, so if you sign up but change Your mind/you don't have time/your guitar breaks etc. you can just ask for one Refund.

However, there are a few negative things I've noticed about the guitar. Tips from my exam:

Since Guitar Tricks was the first guitar instructional video Website, a small part of the video clips are old, e.g. The quality of your video does not meet 2023 standards. They are actively working on it however, we are replacing the old videos, so they will not be available for a long time.