Wherever you see, you will find music. Music is a soul of universe and only few have the potential to identify the real meaning and power of music. For millennia, music has been backbone of many cultures. No celebration or event is completed without music. With the new innovations and technologies, new types of music and musical instruments have come in light. The world of music has vast amount of genre and musical instruments. The most famous among them is the iconic guitar.

The history of music achieved great heights and so did the variety of guitars. This article will be your ultimate guide to the best guitars of all time.

1. Fender Stratocaster

Or better known as 'Strat' is most famous electric guitar of all time. First launched in 1954, this instrument gained popularity instantly and is one of the best guitars of all time. Fender Stratocaster

2. Martin D-28

Famous for its acoustic front, this guitar is a brilliant t example of craftsmanship. 1931 model had powerful sound and stands as the first choice for all the folk artists. Martin D-28

3. Rickenbacker 360/12

A 12-string designed guitar is famous for its jangly sounds. Gaining fame in the 60s, the guitar owes lot to the pop-rock music and remains as best guitars of all time. Rickenbacker 360/12

The Impact of the Greatest Guitarists of All Time

There are various guitarists that have been impacting our lives since a really long time. We might have observed it or not, but some way or other, knowingly or unknowingly, they have been impacting us and our world. Eddie Van Halen, Tom Morello, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slash & Izzy Stradlin and Stanley Jordan are just a few names from the list of all-time greatest guitarists! These guitarists have been masters of rock, jazz, technical and other such music genre. Jimmy, the expert of hard rock from 80s won the hearts of millions of people. Edward who played with group was aware of the impact he was leaving onto his audience during his solo performances. He knew what he was doing and did not want anyone else to know how he was doing it!

The Incredible Impact of the Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Music, culture, emotions, identity and what not! The impact of greatest guitarists on the world is just incredible. The emotional connection that the build with public is unique and hold the ability to evoke unknown and unseen emotions. Every artist is different. Every guitarist comes from different cultures and their music becomes the identity of their culture. And of course, the inspiration they put forth for the aspiring musicians can be invisible, but loud. With their skills, creativity, music, the best guitars of all time bring people from different social background together. Thier music is an escape, escape from the struggles of life. They are capable of relieving stress and improving mental wellbeing just by jamming a few tunes.

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Ranking the Top Guitarists of All Time

Well, the guitar is nothing without the playful fingers of its master. History has witnessed some of the great artists of all time who left a lasting impact on the musical era.

1. On top of our list we have Jimi Hendrix. A true trailblazer, Jimi Hendrik rules the hearts of many. He gave world the groundbreaking techniques and brought many new innovations in use of effects.

Jimi Hendrix.

2. Eric Clapton famous for simplistic guitar created the whole new world of vibe and sound. Playing Gibson guitar, he gave many iconic numbers to the world.

Eric Clapton

3. If you want to experience teleportation, listen to Jimmy Page! That man had such power and skills which could create an instant atmosphere of his music. Famous for 'Heartbreaker' Jimmy created a great catalogue of music.

Jimmy Page

4. Keith Richards can do magic with his guitar. His 'Satisfaction' proved to be great combination of riff and chords. The rhythm that was led by his guitar are just incredible!

Keith Richards

5. Known for his amazing techniques, Jeff Beck is your guy for melodic tunes. By his look and performance, anyone could tell how serious performer he is.

Jeff Beck

When Did Rolling Stone Introduce the Best Guitarists of All Time?

An American monthly magazine, rolling Stone focuses on music, politics and other popular culture. Founded in San Franciso, California, the magazine has been ruling the world of print media since 1967. Creation of Jann Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason, it was first all about covering the world of rick music. On November 23, 2003, Rolling Stone published a special article which focused on the music genre specially the guitarists. The article was basically a list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". The list was a ranking of all time guitarists who have influenced the world with their iconic music.

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