Encourage your child to express himself through music and art by building a guitar using simple materials you have at home.

Carmen seeks string guitarist in Delhi . She visits India and discovers another stringed instrument called sitar. She discovers that the sitar is similar to the guitar, but they are not the same thing.

she Help your child build their own guitar or string instrument with this activity . Maybe they'll even create their own songs like Carmen and Gaja!


  • Cardboard box, like a cereal or cookie box
  • Cardboard tube
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Adhesive tape

Let's get started

How To Make a Guitar From Cardboard

1Drill a hole in the front of the case for the soundhole and in the top part of the case to hold the guitar Neck.

Make small cuts around one end of the tube.

Make small cuts around one end of the tube.

Homemade Guitar Craft

Insert the bottom of the tube into the hole in the top of the box and secure the tub to the box with tape.

Craft Ideas

Wrap the rubber bands from the top of the tube to the bottom of the box and attach them to the cuts you made. Adhesive tape.

cardboard guitar

Encourage your child to play his favorite song or compose his own music.

This creation was originally designed by Jen Goode, a working, doodling mother of three. “In Command” at JGoode Designs. Jen discovered her love for art at a young age and made a career out of it. She shares ideas across multiple sites to inspire children and their families to explore their creativity. Projects for Preschoolers offers crafts, games, recipes and other fun activities for kids ages two to five.