Official Now in its sixth decade, the gibson sg special black turns heads and resonates in your eardrums continues to generate superlatives and admiration for its iconic bodywork and You are absolutely amazing. Introduced in 1961, the SG Special became a must-have item Stage music for legends like Pete Townshend, Angus Young.

Frank Zappa and Tony Iommi, to name just a few. Its incredible balance and unique gameplay. It continues to attract legions of young players who fall in love instantly with this authentic classic. The gibson sg special black remains true to its origins It has an all-mahogany body with SlimTaper profile and rosewood neck.

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Tuning fork; These proven materials create a resonant sound that many can do Recognize when you are blindfolded! Two Soapbar P-90 pickups enhance this resonance with crisp, fiery and crisp single-coil sound.

The SG Special is just one of them fundamental guitars that contributed to the advent of the golden age of rock and roll, and they exist There's no doubt that it will continue to rock stages and musicians' garages for years to come. Decades later.

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We have many Extremely loyal P-90 fans here in Sweetwater. These guitarists know it The P-90 offers a unique tonal palette that differentiates (and complements) Traditional humbuckers and single coils.

Gibson's first successful single coil The P-90 can be heard on countless classical music recordings. with your bite Sharp and efficient, the P-90 cleans very well when used again Guitar volume potentiometer.

Is A Gibson SG "Best" For You? A Buyers Guide: NEW Custom Color Series SG,  Original & Modern

It's an incredibly versatile truck with its own brand Sand: a little lighter, thinner and less refined than a humbucker and almost Heat. Hit your amp hard and the P-90 really groans.

Connected to a suitable device A high gain tube amplifier may exhibit loops, stutters and barks impossible with humbuckers or other single coils. HE HAS Learn how P-90s are wonderfully used in historical context and watch Santana's film. the fiery Woodstock performance, the Who's masterful Live at Leeds album, or any other Number of classic Beatles songs.

Nitro Finish For A Classic Look

Gibson gave The SG Special features a beautiful nitrocellulose paint finish. Nitro ends old standard: they are noticeably thinner than current polyurethane ends so the guitar can “breathe”. Nitro surfaces aren't just beautiful surprising, but they also improve the sound qualities of the instrument. The SG special It looks like a unique and lovingly curated classic improves with age.

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  • So it wasn't me I know, there was... but apparently Gibson turned 100 in 1994. Result...all guitars manufactured in 1994 have a different model serial number, They all start with 94.
  • This is a gibson sg special black in ebony with ebony fingerboard. I was looking for one For a time in the early 1990s, Gibson built ebony faceplates in the SGs. Mainly I don't know why, but as you know ebony is very special more expensive guitars, so it's an interesting spec.
  • I bought it I used it a few weeks ago, not only does it look great with the board, but also It also has some great inlaid stitches, they're not as plain as most... they have a little Pearlescent coloration that looks fantastic.
  • The microphones are 490R and 490T, which aren't all that used gibson sg special. if you make any of them After some research I found out that they had Alnico II magnets instead of Alnico V magnets. the 498 came with the SG standard, I've never been a fan of Alnico V, they are not as clear and clear as Alnico III and Alnico II are easily clear stronger than the III but much less powerful than the V so I really wanted to try them out.
  • Total The guitar plays great, the neck profile is similar to a 1950's Les Paul, very thick. This seems to help my vibrato, the playability is very good and quite inconsistent for some reason... and I'm using 10.
  • I recommend it You'll get one if you see them around. I wouldn't say it's mine SG's favorite, but... being the underdog makes it even more special and this Combining the ebony finish with the dark ebony top and exposed surface black pills... make you incredibly attractive

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From 1971 to Currently the SG Special has been introduced and redesigned with different names.

SG Special

Gibson SG Pro (1971-1974)

  • The Gibson SG Pro had 2 black mini humbuckers (some with P-90s), Tune-o-matic bridge, Bigsby Vibratos and were made with natural walnut and mahogany finishes.

SG Special I (1983-1985)

  • Scorecard, Exposed humbucker with 2 buttons.

SG Special II (1983-1985)

  • Equal to Special I, but with 2 humbuckers and 3 controls.

SG Special (1985-2019)

  • Original SG Special Reintroduced and redesigned over the years, starting from 1 Microphones and 2 buttons from 1985 to 1986. Subsequently 2 microphones, 3 buttons until 1996 and 4 buttons, dots, 2 humbuckers until 2019.

SG Special New Country (2006-2008)

  • Whole body Mirror with central protection and covering.

SG Special VOS (2006-2013)

  • Mahogany Also accompanying it was a rosewood plaque with custom Body Shop binding and dot inlays Certificate. Available in several colors, including TV Yellow and Faded Cherry.

Special SG EMG (2007)

  • I had an electromyography Micro, 4 buttons, 3-way selector, all black hardware.

SG Special 60's Tribute (2011-2018)

  • Small protection, 2 P-90, 60's slim tapered handle and distressed finish options.