DeLonge had first indicated a potential mark as far as possible back in 2022, however presently it seems like the guitar is nearer than any time in recent memory to deliver.

The Flicker 182 and Holy messengers And Wireless transmissions guitarist shared a photograph to his Instagram of him holding what has all the earmarks of being his most recent mark model doing the camera, joined by the subtitle '10,9,8,7.' Amusingly, his bandmate Imprint Hoppus had remarked on the photograph, expressing: "How might I make this about me?"

DeLonge's unmistakable Starcaster has been a fairly bound to happen - in 2022, he uncovered that he had gone to the Bumper Custom Shop's Brian Thrasher to make his own single-pickup take on outdated Bumper plan.

10,9,8,7: Tom DeLonge's Fender Starcaster signature guitar is actually  happening  but it might look a little different to the Blink-182 man's  main guitars | Guitar World

Strikingly, the Custom Shop emphasess of the guitar highlighted Squint 182's Smiley Face logo as its fret-markers yet, apparently affirming a non-custom variant is coming, the guitar in Delonge's Instagram post has more conventional spot trims.

Like the Custom Shop guitars, there's a colored 1970s-style headstock - a more conventional Bumper look than an ordinary Starcaster's, as the firsts included absolutely novel, plunging plans. There's likewise an ordinary humbucker as opposed to a Wide Reach one in the scaffold position and, with regards to Tom Delonge's methodology, nothing in the neck position and only one volume control.

Bits of hearsay orbited on Reddit some time prior about an April 2024 delivery for the customary run of the guitar - and this everything except affirms that hypothesis. DeLonge delivered a restricted version dark 'To The Stars' Bumper Stratocaster in time for the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving last year, which was restricted to a run of only 300 around the world.

Tom DeLonge unveils uber-classy Sonic Blue-on-plaid Starcaster

In the mean time, it had been expected for quite a while that his exemplary Daphne Blue mark would make a return yet in the first place, DeLonge rather delivered a small imitation of the guitar he played in the video for Squint 182's Darn it all.

It did, in any case, make its return somewhat later in the year. Very much like the first, the Tom DeLonge Mark Strat comes in four completions Surf Green, Daphne Blue, Spray painting Yellow and Dark - and furthermore includes a straightforward "one handle and one pickup" arrangement.

There's no indication of shooting star residue or custom decorates on this pink mystery pic - and the beginnings of the new Starcaster could shock a few players

As of now we're genuinely certain of the specs. Having looked over the Custom Shop model, we figure it will coordinate an overwound PAF-style Seymour Duncan SH-5 humbucker and semi-empty development, with the larger than usual '70s Strat headstock and single volume control of his most memorable Bumper signature.

Tom DeLonge Teams Up With Fender To Release Limited Edition Signature  Guitar | | Australian music news, gig guide, music reviews

The Custom Shop construct likewise includes a Gotoh tune-o-matic span and Grover tuners, however we'd address whether we'll see that degree of marked equipment on the creation line model. Concerning the date, well April 16 would count with DeLonge's commencement, so we surmise all will be uncovered then.

While we hold back to find out, we recommend possessing yourself with DeLonge's past Custom Shop unique cases, which, er, truly put the 'Star' in Starcaster - including a Roswell-motivated form and a guitar that integrates genuine shooting star dust into the completion.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who plays a Starcaster?

Other eminent Starcaster fans incorporate Executioners guitarist Dave Keuning, Depeche Mode's Martin Butchery, Morrissey guitarist Jesse Tobias, Jamie Cook of the Cold Monkeys, Passing Taxi For Doll's Chris Walla, Mooney Suzuki guitarist/singer Sammy James Jr., and Our Woman Harmony guitarist Steve Mazur.

What genre is the Starcaster?

The strat has a drifting extension which is more adaptable and by and large utilized for blues and milder stone. There's loads of cross-over however pursue your choice in light of which music class you by and large need to go towards.

Where is Fender Starcaster made?

This Bumper Current Player Starcaster is made in China (same production line as Assistant yet MP series appears to be a move forward in remarkable model elements and quality), and is a great incentive for the cash.