The basic easily guitar chords for starters are the C, G, Em and D chord. But, you shouldn’t learn them in the very typical way that most of the guitar learners do. You should search for many guitar tutors and try to learn beginner guitar chords that are somehow just very difficult for the absolute beginner. So you should use a step-by-step appeal to learning easily guitar chords in a simpler way. I will share my experience with you of how I go from making students learn their first chords four on guitar. Memorizing guitar is amongst one of the most fulfilling things you can do, but at the same time it can also be amongst one of the most difficult and challenging think to opt for. By the grace, there are enough of basic easily guitar chords which can help to improvise your learning power without driving you mad along the way.

Guitar is a very long or maybe lifelong learning process. Don’t be demotivated if any one of these chords on your guitar feels a little confusing to you. Just be there and be sure to practice to read basic charts of the chords easily, too. Just give it time and have patience with it, practice your placement of hand, and it will help you to build you muscle memory after you put the work in for your learning lessons. We all need to start somewhere, so make this your start story! Go on. 

Exploring the Basics of Guitar Chords

Basics of Guitar Chords

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The basic guitar chords for starters are listed down below.

The three chords which are listed below, you only have to use two fingers, the 2nd finger and the 1st finger. The Em chord needs the 1st finger placed on 5th string 2nd  worry and the 2nd finger on the 4th string 2nd worry

When it comes to practicing easily guitar chords, I suggest people who are willing to learn with these 3 simple chords for the starters and keep them practicing shifting 1 finger at one time. You should learn changing between them,

C and EM

G and EM

G and C

The ending will be the toughest because you have to shift both fingers together, but, you will see that they share the same angle in that the 1st  finger movement is lower an far back as compared to the 2nd finger.

But as you said you were going to learn the four simplest chords?!


The last chord is called the D chord and you have to learn the full verse of that guitar chord. You will want this chord to begin playing some rocking songs. But be hopeful that you need practice with the first three chord that much, that shifting your fingers is much simpler. You will usually need to practice the beginning three chords for 1-2 weeks before including the D chord into the mixture.

The D chord is set by keeping the 1st finger at the 3rd string 2nd worry and keeping the 2nd finger at the 1st string 2nd worry. In the end, you will keep the 3rd finger on the 2nd string at the 3rd worry. This will be the most complicated of your first chords, but keep practicing at it and it will definitely come. 

Where Can You Learn Beginner Guitar Chords?

Beginner Guitar Chords

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In todays world there are plenty of platforms where you can sit and learn to play guitar. You can even be seated at your home and still can learn playing guitar just from watching and learning it from youtube. Technology has evolved so much that it has made everything very sufficiently easy for today’s generation.

People who are giving lessons out on youtube are also earning a very good amount of money from youtube and other social media platforms as well as online platforms. If you have time and want to be physically present while learning guitar, that option is also available for you, there are many brilliant guitar lessons teachers available, who has their place set up or academies where they make you learn how to play the guitar.

You even have the facility to do home physical guitar lessons, there are people for that also. You can call the guitar instructor at your designated place and then he/she will help you in learning how to play the guitar.

But if we see today’s life and schedule of people, the best and the most suitable type for the learner should be learning through online platforms, social media. You can also opt for zoom guitar lessons from your instructor if they are ready, because sometimes it happens that you live too far away from the academy or instructor and cant go again and again to attend guitar chord lessons.

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Secrets for Playing Bruno Major Guitar Chords

Bruno major once on his own account published the chords in his instagram post.

As much I can decode, the guitar chord is turned to D std in that verse of the song so while keeping that in mind if you set up chords. You can also notice his hand directions for the major part in the video and he scales slowly slowly that you can sense if you're playing the corrects shapes or not. However, that should get you beginning on making the duplicate of the actual chords for yourself!

What is the easiest guitar chord to play

Memorizing to play guitar is easy and exciting. I think that guitar is one of the simplest instruments to memorize to play as most songs that we adore and listen to only need a small amount of learnt chords that are simple to play on guitar. I've made a compilation list of easy 12 guitar songs that all need the same easy and simple guitar chords and in the same order exactly! If you're wanting or thinking to learn easy guitar songs, you've just got the jackpot. With the help of only 4 chords, and the assistance needed for capo, you can play all of the songs in this 4 chord guitar list.