Kurt Cobain Martin D-18E was a leadsinger, guitarist and songwriter, and one of rock’s most tragic iconic person.

Exploring the Features of Kurt Cobain’s Martin D-18

Kurt Cobain Martin D-18E had some unique features which are as follow:

1. 1959 Martin D-18E –The guitar itself was a rare classical model known for its rich, warm tone.

2. Sunburst Finish – It had a feature of sunburst finish on its top, which is a special feature of Martin’s guitar of that era.

3. Bartolini Pickup – He added a Bartolini pickup to the sound hole of the guitar. This feature allowed him to expand the acoustic sound, making it suitable for electric performances with Nirvana.

4. “Nixon Now” Sticker – The “Nixon Now” sticker placed on the guitar’s body was one of the most iconic feature. This sticker added a unique and alienated effect to its appearance.

5. Volume and Tone Controls – The guitar had built-in volume and tone controls for the pickup, enabling Cobain to adjust the volume sound according to his liking.

6. Strap Buttons – He also added strap buttons to the guitar to make it easier to play live performances while standing.

7. Scars and Wear- Over the years, the guitar gathered scars, scratches, and wear marks reflecting Kurt Cobain’s great playing style and the rough treatment it suffered during performances.

These features and alterations combined to create a unique and recognizable instrument that became closely associated with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s iconic “MTV Unplugged” performance, enhancing its legendary status in the world of music. 

Why was Kurt’s Acoustic Such a Rare Model?

Kurts Acoustic Such a Rare Model

The guitar is a 1959 Martin D-18E, and was one of Kurt Cobain’s first attempts at an acoustic electric guitar. It had 2 De Armond pickups, and 3 control knobs, mounted into a standard acoustic. Kurt Cobain’s guitar is also known as “Kurt’s acoustic” and is considered as rare and iconic.

What makes this guitar even rarer is that it was altered by Kurt Cobain himself. These alterations were unique to Cobain’s instrument and added to its mystique.

Further, the guitar played a crucial role in one of the Nirvana’s famous “MTV Unplugged in New York” performance, which was just recorded a month ago before Kurt Cobain’s tragic death in 1994.

How much does the 1958 Martin D-18E Cost?

1958 Martin D-18E Cost

The cost of a Kurt Cobain’s Martin D-18E can vary widely depending on its condition, rarity and historical significance. Vintage guitars like this can be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and their prices can be influenced by factors such as:-


More better the condition of a guitar, more higher its value will be. Originality, including its original parts finish, is important.


Limited production runs and its unique features can increase a guitar’s value.

Historical Significance

If a specific guitar, has a significant history or was owned by a famous musician, it can bring a valuable price.

Market Demand

Prices can oscillate based on the demand for vintage guitars at a given time.


Having proper documentation, such as proof of authenticity and a significant history, can firmly impact the value

Top 10 Facts About Kurt Cobain’s Martin

Kurt Cobains Martin

1. Kurt Cobain predicted his future at a young age

At the age of 14, Kurt Cobain Martin D-18E confessed to one of his friend that planned on becoming a rockstar, super-rich and famous, and retiring in glory by killing himself.

2. Kurt tried to attempt suicide throughout his life

Unfortunately, many family members of Kurt Cobain tried to attempt suicide. When he was 13, he and his schoolmate came across a dead body of a kid hanging from a tree. Later, he tried multiple times to attempt suicide throughout his life.

3. Cobain dropped out of school

After dropping out of the school, he got the job of a caretaker at the same school.

4. Kurt Cobain used to be a swimming instructor

Before Kurt became the rockstar, he used to instruct swimming to kids at the YMCA in Aberdeen.

5. When he was homeless he recorded ‘Nevermind’

After being homeless, Kurt Cobain used to sleep in his car. At that state, he recorded the song ‘Nevermind’ which went so well and sell two million copies. When he first time played the song for his mom, she predicted that this song will change his life.

6. Cobain agreed to spend about $100 per day on heroin

Kurt had been a drug user at a very young age. He had accepted to use drugs to calm himself and deal with the pressure of being rich and famous. Also, he had performed on stage being high on several occasions.

7. Cobain met the love of his life at a club

Cobain met a beautiful girl, named Courtney at a club in Portland, Oregon.

8. He had a different title for his last album “Nirvana”

He wanted to name his last album Nirvana as “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”. He often used this name as a conversion against his own mental state.

9. Cobain stated Neil Young in his suicide note

In one of the last lines of Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, he stated the lyrics of Neil Young’s “My My Hey Hey (Into the Black)” which means – “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”.

10. Displayed in Museums

At several times, the guitar has been displayed in museums, allowing the fans to appreciate its historical significance.

These facts highlight the unique significance of Kurt Cobain Martin D-18E in the world of music and pop culture.

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When did the D-18E become the last Guitar Cobain?

A Martin D-18E Kurt Cobain was the last guitar Kurt Cobain ever bought for himself. He collected it from Voltage Guitars in Los Angeles, just a few months before the recording of Nirvana: Unplugged in New York on November 18, 1993.

Tragically, Cobain passed away in April 1994, marking the end of his career and his time with the Martin D-18E. Therefore, the Martin D-18E Kurt Cobain became his last known guitar, associated with the live performances and his lasting legacy in theworld of music.