A classic voiced instrument with an aiding of present day specs and style celebrates 70 years of the Strat.

It's exceptional truly, that the Bumper Stratocaster stays the most notorious and unmistakable electric guitar in the world, presently seventy years after its send off in 1954.

The Strat's omnipresence can at times make individuals underestimate this striking plan, in any case, as it's fitting that Bumper has decided to check the Strat's platinum commemoration with a major festival - with something like seven instruments accessible at an assortment of sticker costs.

For any individual who recalls the 50th and 60th commemoration of the Strat, you will not be stunned to discover that a couple of these guitars are the exemplary Sunburst recipe that reverberation the guitars carrying out of Fullerton in 1954 - up to this point, so typical. Nonetheless, there are likewise several 70th commemoration models that are less about thinking back, and more about highlighting what's in store.

Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster review: a worthy celebration

One such guitar is this 70th Commemoration Player Stratocaster - a redo of Bumper's most reasonable Strat yet for certain intriguing changes, not least a striking and special sparkle spotted Cloud Noir finish.

In any case, it's generally like the other (and less expensive) 70th commemoration Player Strat with a birch body, present day C-shape maple neck with a 22-fret, 9.5"- sweep rosewood fingerboard, a triplet of Unadulterated Rare '59 single-loop pickups.

ClassicGear tuning machines and a two-point tremolo span. Outwardly, you likewise get dark pickup covers and handles, in addition to a white pearloid pickguard and a 70th Commemoration Stratocaster neck plate.

For a sub-$1,000 guitar in 2024, the specs make for pretty charming perusing yet we can't imagine this isn't a recipe we've seen previously. The genuine inquiry is, 'How can it sound and feel to play?' And the response? Totally phenomenal. On essentially every imprint.

How Does the Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Feel to Play?

For a guitar as notable as the Strat and an achievement as large as this, there's most certainly a feeling that Bumper would have rather not gone excessively far from the exemplary Strat recipe in feel and sounds, regardless of whether the visuals are a flight.

Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Feel to Play

Save for the advanced C-shape neck and modern Cloud Noir finish, all that about this instrument gives recognition to its celebrated history. However, once more, this is a 70th Commemoration model, so that is unequivocally the point.

After getting it out of the provided gigbag, I was struck by this guitar's natural yet various looks. While your situation will be unique, I totally love the Cloud Noir finish, and the manner in which it shows up as only a standard dark Strat until the light gets it and leaves it flooded with a cosmic system of little shines of light. It's a tasteful method for causing a guitar to feel present day and different without being too extremist a takeoff.

I generally find that playing a guitar straight out of the container without connecting is effective method for getting the vibe for a guitar before you have your judgment impacted by outside factors. The Bumper 70th Commemoration Player Stratocaster breezes through the playability assessment without a hitch. Its activity is magnificent, with its strings set up an ideal separation from the fretboard to work with easy playing the length of the fretboard.

Tuning security is likewise a major upside point. With numerous two-point tremolo-stacked electric guitars, the shortfall of a locking nut implies any development of the tremolo arm past a protected and believed range frequently brings about unexpected detuning.

In the past I've even directed away from utilizing the tremolo arm on additional reasonable guitars for this very reason. Yet, there's no such issue with the 70th Commemoration Player Stratocaster. The Bumper planned ClassicGear tuners and an obviously very much greased up nut guarantee the guitar remains completely in order, liberating you to investigate your imagination without it being smothered because of mechanical issues.

How Does the Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Sound?

Bumper says the guitar's threesome of Unadulterated Rare '59 single loops convey "rich, articulate tones that fit any type", and keeping in mind that your typical one of a kind Strat devotee won't be tuning down and playing destruction metal, a piece of the Strat's life span has descended to its evidently boundless flexibility.

As this is certainly not a servile generation of a 50s, we get the standard Strat five-position selector switch, and likewise with any great Strat, losing yourself in any of these positions is exceptionally simple.

The neck position, specifically - in both perfect and messy applications - has a stroking warmth that easily hoists any blues lead line. In the interim, the scaffold pickup offers a fresh twang that doesn't nibble excessively hard; ideal for high-gain rock licks and quick moving clean nation lines the same.

Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Sound

The enunciation of the pickups is brilliant, as well; in any pickup setting, whether you're playing arpeggios or harmonies, notes ring out neatly and freshly, while at the same time holding that exceedingly significant powerful reach.

While we're discussing an instrument that honors an immortal guitar configuration, we're in 2024, and that implies more players than any other time in recent memory are choosing amp sim modules over genuine speakers. With that, I play the 70th Commemoration Player Stratocaster widely both through a combo amp and a determination of computerized amp sims, and in each setting that work of art and getting through Bumper Strat sound radiated through.

So on the off chance that you're a guitarist who keeps your apparatus in the case, and are careful a traditionally spec'd Bumper Strat won't accommodate your energy, don't be; the 70th Commemoration Player Strat is just as at home connected to an amp for what it's worth into your PC.

Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Alternatives

There's no lack of non-commemoration Strats in the Bumper line, and on the off chance that you're soon after a decent Strat for sensible cash, the Player Stratocaster ($799) isn't to be sniffed at.

Fender 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Alternatives

In the event that you need a fancier 70th Commemoration guitar, the 70th Commemoration Ultra Stratocaster HSS ($2,499) matches a bunch of new Commemoration pickups with a wild brilliant Amethyst completion.

On the other hand, in the event that you simply need a Commemoration Strat that gets strange however in a classic manner, the 70th Commemoration Vintera II Antigua Stratocaster ($1,499) is pretty much polarizing!